Created with the intention of hiring forces of darkness, Brainbox Pollution incense is created at the same time with altering states of consciousness in order to aid with occult invocation.  This incense is made with Fly Agaric Mushroom, large amounts of Valerian Root and also ground Belladonna Root, this stuff is effective in focusing third eye energy, whilst also being a nice buzz.


As with our other blends, Mental Distortion is made using naturally occurring forms of DMT as the main concept involved, and with this as an aid to ritual visualization and success with use of black magick.  However, with this blend we are using large amounts of Belladonna leaf and legally obtained Hemp, this making Mental Distortion a significantly different psychological state than with our other mixes.



Intended to focus the third eye on forces of lunar movements and esoteric darkness, Stella Communication incense involves Fly Agaric mushroom, Morning Glory and large amounts of Belladonna Leaves.  This stuff is sold with the intention of putting the magus in the frame of mind to more easily invoke forces of demonological darkness, whilst altering the mind in order to focus ritual worship.



Whilst High Grade Narcotic incense is pretty much similar to everything else dealt by Poisonous Plant, we call this stuff high Grade because it involves a bigger amount of Fly Agaric mushroom, and because the mushroom involved is of a higher quality than that with our other mixes.  The idea with this is that if different meditation rituals require different mind frames for different reasons, High Grade narcotic incense is different from our other blends for that reason.



Delirium Dream Loose Combustable incense is mixed with the evocation of dark forces intended.  Involving a mix of Fly Agaric mushroom, legally obtained ground hemp and large amounts of Belladonna, the intention is that this incense with evoke forces of darkness whilst at the same time altering states of consciousness in order to influence the will of the magus.  Poisonous Plant incense is powerful and should be used with caution in conjunction with planned ritual worship.