Throughout the history of the human race, people have used incense as part of ritual in order to honour a system of Gods, and for the use of ritual magick in doing so.  Poisonous Plant Narcotic Incense have recognised this, and – whist we make incense for the specific purposes of worship, our product is created with the specific intention of black magick and the worship of Demonological forces in hand.


Poisonous Plant Narcotic Incense, whilst not using any ingredients with our project which are in any way actually illegal, use a combination of plants and mushrooms in order to allow the practicioner to easily achieve a specific altered frame of mind in order to focus worship, whilst at the same time the incense itself is put together for the specific purpose of honouring black forces in hand.


We are a very small business organization, dedicated to actively supporting factions of religious Demonology in our work.  As a result we do not have a great deal of stock to sell in practical terms.  As a result, if we are not able to fulfil some of the larger orders we might have, and we ask people to be aware that – with this in hand – Poisonous Plant might need to e-mail back to customers if this might be an issue.  At the same time all our customers are valued and we honour custom on most occasions.


We will support all movements of demonological black magick, and we issue our support for everyone who is supporting our project.  This is our honour to Satan.  Infernal Damnations.

Poisonous Plant have now shut down and as from here are closed to business.  We thank everyone for their support.  Plunge the World into Darkness